Cosmeceuticals are a new innovation initially developed in America and now widely used worldwide. They are a combination of cosmetic and pharmacological products to produce a more effective, scientifically based program to maintain and improve skin health. Most cosmetics contain active ingredients but only in very small amounts, cosmeceuticals contain high concentrations of active ingredients and are available by prescription only.

At the Ivy Dental Practice we stock the Skins Ceuticals range of as invented by a leading dermatologist in America. Skin Ceuticals is now the number 1 antioxidant in the US professional skincare market and the number 1 cosmecutical brand in the UK.

The Skin Ceuticals range is based on 3 pillars

 - PREVENT skin damage from environmental agents

 - CORRECT and repair the skin that has become damaged

 - PROTECT skin from damaging UVA/ UVB rays responsible for ageing

Our line of advanced skincare products is designed to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin and correct previous damage. At The Ivy Dental Practice, achieving results means more than restoring youthful, radiant skin - it means preventing serious skin conditions, like skin cancer.

We now also stock the Clarisonic Pro skin cleansing system for £155 (RRP £179), this revolutionary system will cleanse your skin by up to 6 x better than manual cleansing for softer, smoother looking skin. Clarisonic Plus
It also helps reduce the appearance of blemishes, oily skin and dry patches - it works fantastically before applying self-tanning products to give a much smoother appearance.
New in, Brush On Block from Susan Posnick, an SPF 30 for daily use. This is a self-dispensing and re-fillable mineral brush to go over your makeup.






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