Cosmetic white fillings

 This is an alternative to having a silver amalgam filling. The material used is called “composite” and is a hardwearing, aesthetic material. It can be used on any tooth and is shade matched to your natural teeth, thereby making your fillings  "disappear"! 


Tooth whitening

We offer home whitening to lighten the colour of your teeth, this has been demonstrated to last longer than most in-surgery treatments. The tooth whitening gel used is not available to buy over the counter and works more effectively than over the counter products which will only remove light staining. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance your looks. Whether you want to add a sparkle to your smile for your wedding day or perfect your look for business meetings, whitening is the simple, affordable and safe way to erase the effects of ageing, coffee, red wine and cigarettes.


Veneers are porcelain covers that can be placed over your teeth to create a different appearance, in shade, position or shape. They are bonded onto the front surface of your tooth involving little preparation to disguise crooked teeth, stains, old fillings, etc...


Ceramic crowns

We can now provide metal-free cosmetic crowns. Regular porcelain crowns have a metal fitting surface that can make the crown appear dull or opaque. New technology allows us to manufacture all-ceramic crowns which are as strong as regular crowns but allow a more natural appearance, letting the tooth’s natural shade and translucency shine through.

Tooth replacement

There are 3 ways to replace missing teeth; cosmetic dentures, bridgework and implants. Implants preserve your natural bone and effectively replace missing teeth like for like. Bridgework can be used to fill gaps using the teeth adjacent to the gap for support. Dentures can now be made out of extremely realistic materials, with greater comfort & flexibility that completely disguise the traditional “false teeth” look.

We have been using Astra dental implants exclusively since 2008, for more information click here Astra Tech implants

Botulinum toxin treatments

Botulinum toxin injections are the most popular cosmetic treatments in the world. Many well-known faces use this technique to stop certain delicate muscles pulling on the skin, therefore eliminating lines.

We can offer basic treatments to prevent lines when frowning, laughter line and forehead lines, and now also more advanced treatments such as reducing prominent neck muscles, re-shaping around the mouth and reduction of excess armpit sweating.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can enhance the way you look and feel by injecting resorbable hyaluronic acid which binds water naturally to reduce lines and folds in the skin. This can be used to re contour folds and lines on the face to improve facial aesthetics.


We have a dental hygienist working at the practice. She specialises in removing stains from teeth and cleaning teeth in order to improve the health of your gums. This can be particularly effective to remove smoking staining.

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