CFast at The Ivy Dental Practice

Cfast stands for:

“Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth”

This adult orthodontic system was designed to give you a significant improvement in the appearance of your teeth, discreetly, with minimal discomfort and without significantly changing your biting position.
By focussing on just the front six teeth – the “social six” that make up most of your visible smile we can usually complete treatment in around 4-6 months.

Malc and Mahfuza are now qualified in Cfast cosmetics. Cfast is a safe, fast and effective way to straighten your smile in a few months

CFast is:
  • Fast – teeth are normally straightened in around three to six months.
  • Discreet – the wires and brackets are almost invisible.
  • Affordable – the short treatment time dramatically cuts the cost.



Talk to your dentist today about Cfast – the revolutionary way to the smile you’ve always wanted.

  • Subject to dental health assessment and suitability for the procedure

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