Maintain and promote a healthier mouth  

A Dental Hygienists role is to assess and treat gum disease, clinically known as periodontal disease. The hygienist will examine patients for signs of oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, and help make a tailored treatment plan with you and your Dentist. 
Dental hygienists can also provide cosmetic stain removal, routine scaling and polishing and oral hygiene advice which will help to maintain and promote a healthier mouth. 
Hygienist appointments are a private service and priced from £42.00 depending on your dental health needs. We are also able to accept direct access patients who would like an appointment with the hygienist only, without seeing a dentist at the Practice. 
We can offer a Denplan payment plan which allows you to spread the annual cost of your dental hygiene care with a predictable monthly payment. 
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Oral Health Education Clinics  

At the Ivy Dental Practice, we are an NHS Prototype Practice and as such, are committed to help improving the Oral Health of all our patients through education. 
In order to achieve that goal our Nurses have an additional qualification in Oral Health Education and Fluoride Varnish application in order to run our dedicated Oral Health Clinics during the week. 
The aim of these clinics are to help you plan and maintain a new more effective Oral Health Routine to prevent both dental decay and periodontal (gum) disease. 
During these appointments we can disclose plaque on your teeth to show you where you are missing when brushing and we can demonstrate how to effectively brush your teeth with either electric or manual tooth brushes and interdental brushes. 
They will also advise you on a healthy diet which will promote general good health as well as sound teeth. For those patients who are more at risk we can apply fluoride varnish to help prevent decay. 


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